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PoC and MVP

Experience the Bridgera advantage in PoC and MVP development. With our unique approach, we swiftly tailor solutions through advanced Digital Twin platforms and deliver rapid prototypes in just two weeks, ensuring faster and more efficient IoT implementation.

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IoT Professional Services

Navigate every phase of your product development effortlessly with Bridgera's adaptable framework. Partner with us for Co-Engineering and Professional Services, ensuring unwavering support throughout every stage of innovation. Unlock the full potential of your IoT journey with Bridgera's expertise.

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Industrial IoT

Elevate your industry with Bridgera's Remote Monitoring and Analytics solutions. From Industrial to Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) integrations, our cutting-edge technology ensures real-time insights, predictive maintenance, and enhanced operational efficiency. Leverage analytics with confidence, and innovate with Bridgera.

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Enterprise IoT

Tailor your IoT experience with Bridgera's Custom Enterprise Solutions, enriched by advanced IoT Analytics. We understand that one size does not fit all, so we craft the best IoT solutions to suit the unique demands of your enterprise. Elevate your operations with Bridgera's custom-made, analytics-driven, enterprise-centric IoT solutions.

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Health Tech

Step into the future of healthcare with Bridgera's Health Tech solutions. From remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management to telemedicine and infection control, our IoT innovations empower the industry with real-time data, predictive analytics, and improved patient outcomes. In the realm of senior care, our solutions extend to fall detection, remote health monitoring, medication management, and more. Bridgera's Health Tech seamlessly integrates connectivity, safety, and care coordination to shape the future of healthcare delivery.

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Experience the power of Bridgera's existing IoT platform – a comprehensive solution designed to meet the diverse needs of industries, equipped with advanced Analytics. From seamless connectivity to robust data management, our platform ensures a secure and scalable foundation for your IoT initiatives. Explore possibilities with Bridgera's trusted IoT platform and leverage analytics for actionable insights.

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Industries We Serve

Get Results with Bridgera's Tailored Industry-Specific IoT Solutions



Revolutionize patient care and operational efficiency in Healthcare IT with Bridgera's seamless integration of IoT and AI technologies.


Manufacturing & OEM

Optimize your manufacturing processes with Bridgera's innovative IoT solutions, enhancing efficiency and driving results in the industry.


Oil & Gas

Transform operations in the Oil & Gas sector by leveraging Bridgera's IoT capabilities, ensuring streamlined processes and improved outcomes.


Air Quality Monitoring

Enhance environmental responsibility with Bridgera's IoT for precise Air Quality Monitoring. Real-time data ensures actionable insights for a healthier, sustainable future.



Simplify compliance with Bridgera's logistics-focused IoT solutions. Stay ahead, streamline reporting, and meet industry standards effortlessly.


Waste Management

Transform waste management with Bridgera's IoT solutions. Smart monitoring and optimized collection routes promote efficiency and eco-friendly practices.

Client Testimonials

Check how Bridgera transforms businesses with our innovative solutions, delivering success and operational excellence through client testimonials.

Case Studies

At Bridgera, We have Engineered Solutions for Industrial, Healthcare, and Logistics


Remote Monitoring for Construction Quality Monitoring

Bridgera's IoT remote monitoring solution revolutionized a construction quality control leader's testing processes, delivering real-time results, automation, and enhanced reporting efficiency for heightened competitiveness.

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IoT Solution for Senior Care

Our IoT solution transforms senior care, providing caregivers with real-time alerts and seamless integration for swift fall detection and enhanced safety monitoring, redefining efficiency and compassion in caregiving.

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Leveraging IoT to Optimize Waste Hauling

Bridgera's IoT solution revolutionized Discount Dumpsters' operations, enhancing efficiency and customer service through smart logistics and automation.

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